• Higher Education

    Modernize campus life with our digital indoor kiosks tailored for higher education. Provide students with easy access to course schedules, campus maps, event updates, and library catalogs, promoting student engagement and simplifying administrative tasks.

  • Industrial

    Revolutionize operations in the industrial sector with our digital kiosks. Display real-time production metrics, safety guidelines, and training materials to improve efficiency, safety, and communication across the factory floor

  • Hospitality

    Transform the guest experience in the hospitality industry with our digital indoor kiosks. Allow guests to effortlessly check in and out, access concierge services, view local attractions, and make reservations, all while providing a modern and engaging touchpoint..

  • Travel & Tourism

    Boost visitor engagement with our digital kiosks designed specifically for Destination Marketing Organizations. Showcase local attractions, events, and amenities, offer interactive wayfinding and maps, and provide personalized recommendations to enhance the visitor experience

  • Workplaces

    Enhance productivity and communication in workplaces with our digital indoor kiosks. Streamline employee onboarding, facilitate self-service HR tasks, and provide real-time updates and announcements, all accessible at the touch of a screen

  • Healthcare

    Improve patient care and efficiency in healthcare settings using our digital kiosks. Enable patients to check in, complete medical forms, and access relevant health information, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

  • Beautiful Newsletters

    Your employees love a nice formed newsletter. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with creating one. Simply post good content to your HootBoard and a daily & a weekly newsletter will be automatically sent to your team.

  • Kiosk Photobooth App

    People love photos. And they love it even more when it’s a keepsake. Whether your employees are celebrating their work anniversaries, or a major launch, or just in a mood to relax. There’s always a reason to visit the Photobooth.

  • Events Calendar

    Getting a quick glance of what’s happening within the company with town-halls and other events means staying in the know. These are one of the oldest tools for employee engagement and they still work.

  • Collection Apps

    #Collections On HootBoard organize content. Collection apps allow administrators to setup apps that pull content from a specific collection. It’s a dead simple way to organize content that both administrators & users love.

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